YoungCare project’s guidance release

SHINE 2Europe, a partner in the YoungCare project, is pleased to announce that YoungCare’s guidance: orientations for younger adults in need of care and their caregivers has officially been released!  

YoungCare considers younger people in need of care, between 18 and 64 years of age, whose management of their daily lives has been impacted, either since birth or childhood, by accident or condition; as well as their informal carers.  This guide aims to provide information, good practices, and recommend solutions and strategies while considering how challenging it can be to find suitable care services and support for younger people and their carers. 

This Erasmus+ project has been developed along with partner organizations from Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and the Netherlands. Along with their inputs, SHINE has contributed with desk research, a report about caregivers and national informal care services, and interviews with young adults in need of care, caregivers, and experts, to bridge the information gap.  

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