The Virtual Exchange Cycle of Culture on Prescription was a Success

SHINE, as a project partner of the Erasmus+ project Culture on Prescription, was the moderator of the inaugural session of the Virtual Exchange Cycle on September 19th, 2023. This groundbreaking event brought together a diverse group of 14 participants, including representatives from associations dedicated to older adults, facilitators, adult educators, social workers, and more. The focal point of their spirited discussions was an art course hosted in Germany, a collaborative effort led by the experienced art therapist Andreas Hett, with 25 years of career, in partnership with the Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt am Main, partner of the consortium.

The impact of the art course transcended all expectations, not only successfully achieving its primary objectives but also alleviating feelings of loneliness among the participants. This art course played an instrumental role in nurturing a profound sense of shared experiences and offering a secure space for older adults and isolated individuals.

The Virtual Exchange Cycle aims to nurture cross-border collaboration, facilitate dialogue, and promote skill development among Culture on Prescription course facilitators and stakeholders. This initiative seeks to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and best practices, with a firm commitment to enriching the implementation of Cultural Prescription initiatives throughout Europe.

Anticipation is building for the upcoming session scheduled for October 12th, offering a platform for participants to share their experiences and insights concerning the role of facilitators within their courses and the art of effectively engaging with participants.

We invite you to register for the forthcoming session here: Free Registration

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