The official kick-off meeting of GreenerAge

Our planet needs our action!
Without action on climate change, in the next decades we will face a potential 5°C temperature increase and experience thousands of premature deaths due to air pollution and heatwaves.

On February 2 and 3, was the official launch meeting of the project #GreenerAge | Climate change and environmental literacy for urban citizens 55+.

Ecological transition is fundamental for Europe and the world, but this is only possible with the participation of people over 55, who account for more than a third of Europe’s population but who are difficult to reach because they are excluded from digitisation.

Thus, #GreenerAge intends to develop interventions that address the theme of climate change and improve digital skills, through a gamified digital platform, where different tools, a compendium and a training manual will also be available! With this project, the partners involved intend to:

  1. Increasing environmental and climate change skills in citizens 55+.
  2. Expand access to tools and knowledge on environmental literacy.
  3. Increase the capabilities and resources of adult educators.
  4. Increase environmental literacy and improve digital skills.

This project #Erasmus+ is coordinated by #Tampere University and has as partners, in addition to SHINE 2Europe, #ISIS, #AFEdemy, and #Lab60+.

See the press release here.