Speaking with Carina Dantas: Ethics in Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

The CEO of SHINE 2Europe, Carina Dantas, was recently invited by UNICA4EU to share her vision on the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. The result? A thought-provoking talk that offers a unique and enlightening perspective on the subject.

In the interview, Carina shares her personal journey as a cancer survivor, revealing how she sees Artificial Intelligence in the treatment of this disease. Her personal experience has awakened her to the importance of exploring the potential of AI in the predictive capabilities of treatments.

To tackle the ethical challenges of AI in healthcare, Carina proposes a systematic approach, grouping the challenges into four categories: individual, technical, organizational and social. She advocates a personalized approach for each case, recognizing the limitations of current technologies and highlighting the importance of transparency and clarity to build trust among users.

Education, awareness and training emerge as crucial points in Carina’s vision. She highlights the gaps in medical education related to AI, which are fundamental to the development of unbiased and effective tools.

At a time when the complexities of AI in healthcare are in the spotlight, Carina’s valuable guidance, according to UNICA4EU, promises to shape the future of the technology to ensure an ethical and inclusive approach for all.

Full talk at https://unica4.eu/integrating-ai-ethics-into-healthcare-the-perspective-of-carina-dantas/