SIRENE at the II International Conference NOVA Health 

On February 28th, SIRENE was presented at the II International Conference NOVA Health – Health Systems and Policies, in Lisbon. Stakeholders and experts from the healthcare service discussed the impact of digital technologies on health systems and policies. The event intended to combine a critical reflection around the digital transition in health with anthropology, health data, social innovation and the role of stakeholders and ecosystems. 

Carina Dantas, CEO of SHINE, presented the SIRENE project through the perspective of the project coordinator and introduced the concept of SHAFE and the network NET4Age-Friendly as the initiatives on which SIRENE is built.   

SIRENE is a Horizon Europe project coordinated by SHINE 2Europe that aims to support the growth of social innovation actors in eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for SHAFE implementation in Europe. 

Check the SIRENE website to know more about the project!