SIRENE and INTEGER projects were highlighted in a European Commission meeting 

Carina Dantas shared thoughts and the next steps of SIRENE [Social Innovation Responsive Environments NETwork] and INTEGER at a webinar that took place in the presence of the Commissioner’s Cabinet. During this meeting, EIE project coordinators could articulate together the next steps for European innovation Ecosystems.  

The participants were invited to reflect on the following questions: 
-         Did you elaborate on your capacity to extend your contribution to the New European Innovation Agenda objectives through your project? 
-         Have you identified any new opportunities of cooperation to either complement or even expand your projects after the first workshop? 
-         Have you considered joining the Coalition of the Willing? 
-         What is your feedback on the new European Innovation Ecosystems Data Hub? 
SIRENE is an #HorizonEurope CSA that aims to support the growth of social innovation actors in eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for SHAFE implementation. 

Check the SIRENE website to know more about the project and stay tuned to know more about INTEGER!