SHINE’s CEO leads expert team on Ethics for AAL

SHINE’s CEO, Carina Dantas, led the team of experts who worked with the AAL Program (Ambient Assisted Living) in publishing a guide in the areas of Ethics, Privacy and Data Security that addresses the Ethical Excellence in AAL, including sections dedicated to legal compliance, ethical dialogue, and examples of case studies.This guide is aimed at all researchers, developers, primary, secondary and tertiary end users, policy makers, startups and business innovators in the AAL domain. This document can support the successful adoption and use of AAL solutions, integrating an ethical and legal perspective from the first stage of product and service development.
With the rapid progression of technology, end users of AAL solutions often face great difficulties, such as a lack of digital literacy or a feeling of rejection towards new technologies. This often means that there are information and communication gaps about your rights that need to be addressed throughout the development cycle, from conception to launch and use.

Human-machine interaction also needs to be designed to meet the highest standards and ethical, legal and privacy / data management requirements. These issues are essential to protect older citizens, but also to ensure the viability of commercial solutions, ensuring that they are legally compatible and realistically correspond to European and national regulations.

This new document brings together essential ethical guidelines and reflections to answer many of these questions and work for ethical excellence in solutions aimed at active and healthy aging through digital technologies.
See the full document – AAL Guidelines for Ethics, Data Privacy and Security