SHINE will share, in Coimbra, its experience in promoting inclusive communities

With society constantly moving towards a more inclusive and equal future, promoting inclusive communities has become a global priority and key to SHINE 2Europe‘s work in European initiatives such as SHAFE, NET4Age-Friendly and SIRENE. Carina Dantas, representing SHINE, was invited to share this experience on the first day of the first National Conference on Promoting Active and Successful Ageing, which will take place on 3 and 4 October at the Convento de S. Francisco in Coimbra. Registration is free but mandatory and can be done via this link.

The event marks the International Day of Older Persons and is organised by the Gerontology and Active Ageing Office of Coimbra City Council. It will bring together various relevant players who will share knowledge and motivate municipalities and social sector entities to create or replicate good practices around active and successful ageing, addressing topics such as ageing in place, cohousing, support programmes for informal carers, negative social representations associated with old age and ageing, loneliness and social isolation, gerontotechnology, compassionate communities, older-friendly workplaces, among others.

Carina Dantas will share how the SHAFE concept – Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments – was created and how it aims to promote happier and healthier communities. He will also explain how SHAFE was implemented through the NET4Age-Friendly COST Action and currently has more than 700 members in 51 countries. It will also show the materials and results developed in the SIRENE project, coordinated by SHINE, which is a Coordination and Support Action for the European Commission, funded under the Horizon Europe programme.

We expect an enriching discussion on social innovation focussed on solving social challenges and promoting cohesion.

SHINE, as a non-profit – but socially oriented – applied research organisation, aims to mobilise resources to enable the implementation of its innovative initiatives. By integrating new ideas, collaborations and technologies, SHINE aims to leave its testimony on how to improve people’s quality of life, ensuring that no one is left behind. A truly inclusive society is one in which every individual is valued and has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their abilities, background or condition.