SHINE will improve digital literacy of older adults with a new project!  

On January 19th and 20th. SHINE was in Gouda, the Netherlands, to kick-off a new Erasmus+ project: DigitalScouts! 

This new project is coordinated by ISIS (Germany), and the other partners are the BerufsWege für Frauen e.V. (Germany), the AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe (the Netherlands), the Asociatia Grupul de Educatie si Actiune pentru Cetatenie (Romania) and the Austrian Red Cross (Austria)  

DigitalScouts aims to train people who like to support older people in using digital tools, empowering them to benefit from the opportunities for health promotion and digital participation. By digital participation we refer to citizens that use digital tools (such as internet, social media, etc.) to take part in personal relevant areas of life, whether they are social, cultural, political or regarding the promotion of health.   

From December 2022 until July 2025, DigitalScouts partners will develop a European Compendium that will highlight the relevance of the promotion of the digital participation of older citizens. It will present illustrative examples from the participating countries of how older people can benefit from using digital tools in the areas of health promotion as well as to enhance their cultural, political and social participation.   

The main focus of the project is an educational offer that qualifies ‘digital scouts’ to support older people in using digital tools to let them benefit from the opportunities of digitalisation. For this purpose, a digital training is being developed as an independent self-learning course. It focuses on the diverse possibilities of digital participation and health promotion, enabling the digital scouts to acquire comprehensive knowledge for supporting people 60+ with the use of digital tools according to their individual interests.   

A Toolkit for Trainers will support adult educators in embedding the Digital Training into a blended learning offer.