SHINE was in Frankfurt, Germany, for the meeting of the GreenerAge consortium

SHINE, as a partner of the GreenerAge consortium, gathered in Frankfurt on the 13th and 14th of June for the 4th Transnational Project Meeting. Thanks to the host, ISIS-Sozialforschung, all consortium was received with warm hospitality.

SHINE leads the development of the GreenerAge platform, including a gamified experience with quizzes, videos, suggestions for further reading, and tools that can be used on the phone or computer. During the meeting, partners successfully tested the 1st beta version of the platform.

Furthermore, it is being developed comprehensive good practices report for policy recommendations, and SHINE is responsible for the booklet design for policymakers. The trainer manual is currently being reviewed and will be ready soon. The compendium is in its final stages of completion.

SHINE also participated in a delightful dinner, savouring a delicious traditional dish. They also visited Archiv Frau & Musik, the world’s largest archive dedicated to the works of women composers and conductors.

The consortium is starting to organize workshops with participants to test the project results, including: the beta version of the platform, the compendium and the trainer manual.

The aim of the GreenerAge project is to empower individuals aged 55 and above to make a positive impact on the environment. These individuals possess valuable assets such as time and maturity, and they have the potential to contribute significantly to creating a greener future.