SHINE releases the Portuguese National Report from DigitalScouts

SHINE 2Europe is a proud partner in the Erasmus+ Project DigitalScouts. Leveraging comprehensive research into the digital preparedness of senior citizens and the nation’s technological landscape, the project strives not only to craft a European Compendium showcasing how older individuals can harness digital tools for health, culture, politics, and social interaction but also to create a digital training that is tailored to their specific needs.

Among the significant revelations, it’s noteworthy that mobile phone internet expenses in Portugal currently rank as the second highest across the European Union. Telecommunication costs within Portugal have observed a notable 2% average uptick over the past year, significantly surpassing the European Union’s 0.1% average escalation. Consequently, Portugal not only finds itself among the EU nations experiencing the most pronounced price surges but also contends with some of the highest service fees.

Moreover, our research underscores the profound link between digital proficiency among individuals aged 55-74 and their educational backgrounds in Portugal. While 9% of those with limited education possess rudimentary or more advanced digital skills, this statistic jumps to 55% for individuals with moderate educational backgrounds, and to an impressive 73% for those with high levels of education.

For an in-depth exploration of Portugal’s findings, we invite to find the Portuguese National Report:

DigitalScouts focuses on training individuals who are interested in helping older adults effectively use digital tools. The goal is to enable these individuals to assist older citizens in various important aspects of life, such as social interactions, cultural engagement, political involvement, and health promotion. You can find out more about the project here: