SHINE presents its open educational platform

SHINE 2Europe believes in continuous learning and wants to promote increased health, digital and environmental literacy, expand knowledge about inclusive design, gamification in cities and accessible environments, and much more.

It is with enthusiasm that SHINE, following its ideals, has compiled the educational games, platforms and training materials that it has been developing in different projects with various international partners with multiple competences into an Educational Platform (or Educational HUB). In this HUB, those interested will be able to freely visualise the different tools and select the one with which they wish to start improving on the topics presented.

On the Educational Platform you can access STEP_UP, an interactive game about how to prevent the spread of a pandemic, SDD, which shows learners various situations of discrimination, or BIG, a game about social inclusion in urban environments. Access is also available to the DESIRE project platform, where professionals in the fields of construction, furniture, designers and even policymakers and older citizens can learn how to apply Design4All methods. Also available are the CULTURE ON PRESCRIPTION platforms – with the aim of teaching how to prevent and combat social isolation and loneliness through art and culture, and PRIORITY45 – aimed at adults over 45 with the aim of promoting their skills to meet the challenges of today’s working world. In the field of environmental and digital literacy, the GreenerAge project platform is accessible, promoting a self-reflective, positive and empowering tool for environmental and climate issues aimed at citizens over 55.

Access to this platform is completely free and, for this reason, SHINE invites civil society in general, schools, organisations, individuals, companies, training centres and anyone else who might be interested, to try out its Education Centre, have fun with it, learn more about the various topics and support its dissemination.

You can access it via the link: