SHINE Presents INTEGER at the 31st APDR Congress in Leiria, Portugal

On June 27, a member of the SHINE 2Europe team, Inês Saavedra, presented the INTEGER project at the 31st APDR Congress on Regional Innovation Ecosystems and Sustainable Development in Leiria, Portugal. The presentation, titled “INTEGER: Fostering Social-Business Collaboration for Impactful Change,” highlighted the development of an EU-wide INTEGER innovative community. Led by SHINE, this initiative focuses on the evolution of work conducted within three regional innovation ecosystems: Hamburg, Catalonia, and Krakow. Key initiatives, including col-laborathons and other community-building activities, were discussed as essential components in fostering and expanding this innovative network. A crucial tool supporting these efforts is the platform

The creation of this EU-wide INTEGER innovative community aims to generate synergies and serves as a testbed for the project’s innovative model. Officially launched during the Open Living Lab Days 2023 conference, the community witnessed the public signing of the Terms of Reference, bringing together influential organizations from the 4Helix. This event marked a significant step towards co-creating innovative solutions for societal challenges.

Efforts are actively being made to raise awareness about the need to establish an EU Healthy Living Col.laboratory, with a goal of engaging at least 300 actors.

If you are interested in joining this initiative, you can contact the INTEGER team through their website or join them on their platform at