SHINE presents COVID19 study in EESC event

SHINE 2Europe is really proud to have a its study The response of civil society organisations to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent restrictive measures adopted in Europe, commissioned by the EESC at the request of Group III to Wise Angle and SHINE.

Two of the authors, Valentina Tageo and Carina Dantas, presented the main findings and recommendations on March 12th as part of the Diversity Europe Group conference (

The other co-authors of the study are Luís Dias (SHINE) and Alessandro Corsello (Wise Angle).

According to the study, key topics for the future of CSOs include the lack of sustainable funding, legal frameworks and adequate resources and skillsets. These issues will require future reflection and bold political decisions to ensure that CSOs’ capacities are maintained and strengthened in the post-COVID-19 recovery phase. The EESC study comes with a catalogue of good practices, a collection of the myriad of  successful CSOs initiatives in response to the pandemic.