SHINE is partner of a new Horizon Europe, kicked-off in Coimbra 

OneAquaHealth is a new Horizon Europe project and aims to demonstrate that the health of freshwater ecosystems and human health and wellbeing in urban contexts are highly interconnected: if we improve one, the other will improve too and we re-establish the balance between nature and humans.  

This project, coordinated by Universidade de Coimbra will promote environmental monitoring of early warning indicators that can assess that balance. It will provide decision-makers with a AI-based Environmental Surveillance System able to support adequate and timely decisions and providing effective recovery measures of aquatic ecosystems health (and consequently human health) adequate for different scenarios, including climate changes. OneAquaHealth will involve all relevant stakeholders in the process raising their awareness to the importance of urban streams and rivers and supporting them with adequate digital tools to guarantee environmental monitoring beyond the project duration. 

SHINE 2Europe is coordinating the WP on Citizen science and ethical sustainability. An ambitious and engaging challenge! SHINE will involve all relevant stakeholders in a circular approach that aggregates nature, art, culture, sports, health, science, and ethics to promote a more sustainable life in highly urbanized areas over Europe. 

The kick-off was also marked with a field visit to an urban stream, to better understand with MARE – Centro de Ciências do Mar e do Ambiente how to collect samples and relevant info of each research site in the project: fishes, birds, plants and much more will be studied. The Maionet Theatre presented the theatre activities they developed and citizen science and engagement activities were also discussed in a Roundtable led by Carina Dantas (SHINE’s CEO), Miriam Cabrita (PSHINE’s Project Manager) and Francesco M. Camonita (Wise Angle’s Project Manager). 
The OneDigitalHealth paradigm is called to a challenging and exciting field test, and we look forward to it!