SHINE is coordinating a new Erasmus+ project – PRIORITY 45 

The new project coordinated by SHINE was launched on January 24th in an online Meet & Greet meeting. 

The PRIORITY 45 project aims to re/upskilling 45+ adults towards a resilient workforce that, through innovation, creativity and cooperation, can survive and prosper in today’s globalised and volatile world. ​ 

For the next two years, the project will bridge adult education and businesses pointing out the importance of establishing training plans for 45+ adults to empower them for successful careers and avoid discrimination.​ 

CETEM, from Spain, CEIPES, from Italy, iED, from Greece and LURS, from Slovenia are the other partners of the project that will deliver:  

  • A Joint Curriculum for 45+ adults’ readiness for creativity and innovation. 
  • A training course adapted to EQF and deployed in an e-learning platform, free and massively available.  
  • A Digital Discovery Tour to spread 45+ adults’ education, current and future.  
  • A Blueprint and a Sustainability Plan.  

Stay tuned!