SHINE hosted a multiplier event for a project against racial discrimination

SHINE 2Europe has been working for the last two years, together with partner organizations from six other European countries, on the SDD project – Smart for Democracy and Diversity, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, which aimed to develop a learning tool for adult education, against racism and discrimination.

Reaching the completion phase of the project, SHINE organized a multiplier event in Portugal, composed of 4 sessions. The multiplier event, as its name suggests, aims to replicate the results of the project. Thus, the University of Minho in Braga, the Lufapo Hub (2 sessions) and the Casa da Cultura of the Municipality of Coimbra received the participants who had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the SDD project and also got to know SHINE 2Europe better, a company in the central region  of Portugal, committed to promoting inclusive communities for all citizens.

The SDD game was developed within the project with the aim of creating a tool for change through gamification. The project partners believe they can provide knowledge to the community about forms of discrimination, strategies to promote equality, democracy, participation and social inclusion. Third sector institutions, educators and trainers, young people and trainees in adult education are the main target audience of this game, which can also be played by the general population. The game is now available at

During the sessions, the audience played together a scene from the game and there was also space for discussion on topics related to the project theme in a participatory workshop. Other SDD outputs that can be shared with the community such as the compendium or the toolkit for trainers were also presented.

There were 26 participants in the four sessions, who showed enthusiasm for the topics and the project approach. The general opinion was that the use of educational games in Adult Education helps to engage them in the learning process. They also mentioned that the results of the project are a good starting point for changing mentalities against racism and racial discrimination.