SHINE discussed the future of person-centred primary health care

SHINE 2Europe, represented by its CEO Carina Dantas, participated in the Talk Show “Let’s Talk About Primary Health Care” organized by the World Health Organization | Regional Office for Europe for Primary Healthcare on March 19th. The event focused on the theme “Unpacking Person-Centred PHC: what do people and communities really care about?”.

During her participation, Carina Dantas highlighted the efforts made by NET4Age-FriendlySHAFE Foundation, SIRENE, and SHINE 2Europe in this area, emphasizing the growing importance of person-centred care and the challenges faced by advocates of this approach.

The event brought together experts to discuss how to effectively implement person-centred care, exploring practical strategies and success stories. Carina Dantas emphasized the need to build primary health care based on the individual needs of each person, rather than a “service-built” model organized from the top down without citizen intervention.

The panel, led and moderated by GianMatteo Apuzzo and composed of speakers such as Carlo Rotelli, Claudia Louati, and Juan E. Mezzich, provided a detailed analysis of person-centered care models, exploring different perspectives and debates.

The recording of the event will soon be available on the WHO Euro YouTube playlist, offering valuable insights for those interested in the evolution of person-centered primary healthcare –