SHINE CEO will discuss inclusive innovation in Lille

On March 12, Carina Dantas, CEO of SHINE 2Europe, will be speaking at another AGeingFIT, one of the most important innovation conferences in the field, which will be held between March 11 and 12 in Lille, France.

In this edition, Carina Dantas will bring to the table the theme “How to ensure your innovation design is inclusive enough?”. Inclusive innovation is one of the key elements of SHINE’s approach to creating or supporting the design of innovative solutions that meet the needs of its end users, regardless of their skills, backgrounds, ages or other characteristics. Through her experience in implementing projects, Carina Dantas will show how inclusive design can eliminate barriers, guaranteeing accessibility and civic participation for the whole community.

Key themes will be shared, such as the process of co-creation with the end users of the innovation, involving them throughout the creation process in order to better understand their needs, challenges and experiences. Other factors such as accessibility, flexibility, cultural sensitivity, ethics and sustainability will also be shared.

More information about this participation and the outstanding panel of speakers and conference activities can be found here