SHINE CEO highlights SIRENE’s role in European Commission webinar

Carina Dantas, CEO of SHINE 2Europe, was one of the featured speakers at the webinar organised by the European Commission entitled “Lump Sum Funding in Horizon Europe: How does it work? How to write a proposal?”. The event, held online on 8 February, brought together more than 1200 participants.

Led by Ulrich Genschel and Andreia Chicoș, the webinar provided valuable insights into proposal writing and Lump Sum funding.

Carina Dantas expressed great satisfaction at having the opportunity to share her practical experience as SIRENE project coordinator on behalf of SHINE 2Europe, alongside Noémie Dominguez and Alexandra Chukas. During her speech, SHINE’s CEO highlighted how the SIRENE (Social Innovation Responsive Environments Network) project supports the growth of social innovation ecosystems, providing