SHINE celebrates with its partners a remarkable 1st year of the project on artificial intelligence solutions in breast cancer treatment

RadioVal is a project funded under Horizon Europe, led by 16 partners, and with the Portuguese participation of SHINE 2Europe leading the social innovation activities. For the past year, it has been studying the use of artificial intelligence to improve breast cancer treatment, particularly in predicting the response to preoperative chemotherapy.

As the project completes its first year with significant achievements, RadioVal’s partners want to share with the community not only the results, but also the ambitious plans for the project’s future.

During this first stage, the RadioVal team has made remarkable progress in several key areas. From SHINE’s area of action, six social innovation sessions have been held so far, with more than 80 participants, representing patients, healthcare professionals, technicians, decision-makers who mostly discussed issues related to trust in artificial intelligence solutions in healthcare.

The progress includes the development of an “Artificial Intelligence Passport in Radiomics” which allows A.I. tools to be monitored transparently throughout their useful life. The first prototype of the technology will be developed next year.

To make it transparent, radiomics is an emerging field in medicine that involves extracting and studying data from medical images, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans or others, using artificial intelligence to identify complex patterns with non-obvious relationships. The aim is to correlate these patterns with clinical information, such as diagnoses, prognoses, response to treatment and other clinical outcomes, helping health professionals to make more accurate diagnoses, for personalized treatment of each patient.

As the second year begins, the partners are enthusiastic about announcing their objectives: an international study is planned for the in-depth evaluation of these radiomics tools, which could revolutionize predictions in breast cancer treatment and strengthen clinical confidence.

SHINE will continue to lead the work of involving citizens, professionals, patients, public authorities and other relevant actors in the evaluation and implementation of Artificial Intelligence tools in the treatment of breast cancer. It will also be leading the impact assessment process regarding the potential socio-ethical implications of this work, considering the diversity of contexts between countries and populations.

Radioval is pioneering as a multidisciplinary, multifunctional and multicontinental project, which aims to offer a more personalized and more effective treatment for patients all over the world.