SHINE, a growing team that glowed in Espinho

On November 30 and December 1, SHINE and its brilliant team gathered in Espinho for a meeting that allowed them to define standards of collaboration and camaraderie among colleagues. In an age marked by incessant travel and remote working, SHINE recognizes the vital importance of face-to-face meetings to strengthen the bonds between its employees.

During the first day, the team took part in a formal meeting that not only addressed operational improvements, but also consolidated communication and dissemination strategies. In a positive atmosphere, SHINE and its employees showed their commitment to the company to maintain excellence in its initiatives with innovative approaches and suggestions.

The meeting was a lively space for socializing, in which the employees’ families got together, creating bonds between everyone and showing that beyond work there are growing friendships.

Since its conception in 2019, SHINE has experienced a process of expansion, with employees from various regions of the country, including other European countries such as Spain and Italy. At the end of the event, gratitude was the dominant sentiment and a few words of tribute were said to visionary CEO Carina Dantas and dynamic COO Luís Dias, whose commitment and dedication have been fundamental to the company’s success.

Today, SHINE has around 20 dedicated employees, driving initiatives to create more inclusive communities and developing innovative projects in crucial areas for society, such as equity and inclusion, ethics, literacy and environmental responsibility. With SHINE, the future is brighter and more inclusive than ever!

Written with affection on behalf of the SHINE team, except the visionary CEO and the dynamic COO