SHINE 2Europe released manual on experiences and effects of discrimination

The National Plan to Combat Racism and Discrimination 2021-2025 was presented on March 21.

This new strategy recognizes the seriousness of preventing situations of racism and xenophobia in Portugal that violate fundamental rights, cause harm, suffering and social exclusion. This is the first National Plan focused specifically on these themes and aims to promote equality, combating racism and social discrimination.

To do this, the plan proposes interventions that will be developed in ten key areas ranging from education to health, participation, or representation.

SHINE 2Europe, a company that aims to promote inclusive communities for all, is a partner of the Erasmus+ SDD project | Smart for Democracy and Diversity, which aims to promote shared values, equality, social inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination through a digital learning approach. Framed in the development of this project, the manual “Experiencing hate speech: responses, reaction strategies and interventions” was elaborated. This compendium addresses the experience and effects of discrimination from the perspective of those who live it directly. There you can find testimonies, experiences, and some strategies that can be used to deal with situations associated with hate speech. The Manual is available in several languages, and can be found here.