SHINE 2Europe participated in the transnational meeting of DigitalScouts, setting the stage for digital training 

As one of the partners of the DigitalScouts project, SHINE 2Europe joined the Transnational Project Meeting in Wiesbaden, Germany. Hosted by BerufsWege für Frauen e.V., the meeting, held from March 12th to 14th, marked a key milestone in the development of the Digital Training and Toolkit. This initiative aims to empower digital scouts in supporting older adults in using digital tools, thereby enhancing their digital participation. 

Over three days, partners collaborated on refining the structure and content of the digital training modules. Additionally, they discussed plans for revision and implementation, preparing the groundwork for the months ahead. This work is particularly important to SHINE, as it leads the development of the learning platform. 

The consortium also had the opportunity to learn more about the project “Die Gute Stunde,” represented by Torsten Anstädt. They organize interactive online cultural events for older adults interested in art and culture. In instances where visiting a cultural institution is not feasible due to various reasons or distance constraints, new cultural events are broadcasted via video conferencing multiple times a month. Curated by a diverse array of artists and cultural professionals, these events include concerts, readings, art tours, film screenings, and much more. 

Funded under the Erasmus+ program, DigitalScouts is coordinated by the German organization ISIS, along with SHINE 2Europe and four other partners: the BerufsWege für Frauen e.V. (Germany), the AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe (the Netherlands), the Asociatia Grupul de Educatie si Actiune pentru Cetatenie (Romania) and the Austrian Red Cross (Austria).  

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