SHINE 2Europe meets SDD project partners in Gouda

The city of Gouda, in the Netherlands, hosted the meeting of the SDD project consortium – Smart for Democracy and Diversity, which took place on August 31st and September 1st. SHINE 2Europe is one of the seven partner organizations of this project, funded by the European program Erasmus+, which aims to develop a learning tool for adult education, against racism and discrimination.

SHINE 2Europe and the consortium partners participated in this mixed session, which took place online and in person, to take stock of the project’s work and begin to jointly outline the game that intends to be a tool for change. Through the game, the partners of the SDD project believe they can provide knowledge to the community about forms of discrimination, strategies to promote equality, democracy, participation and social inclusion. Third sector institutions, educators and trainers, young people and trainees in adult education will be the main target audience of this game.

The SDD project compendium was also the subject of discussion at this meeting. This compendium includes interviews with experts, NGOs, people who have suffered discrimination, testimonies and experiences. This was a cross-cutting approach to the seven intervening countries and which aims to provide access to the experiences and opinions of people of different nationalities or races, as a basis for the development of the game.

In addition to SHINE, the consortium includes AFEdemy (Netherlands); AGE Europe Platform (International); Bildungsstätte Anne Frank (Germany); ISIS Sozialforschung – Sozialplanung – Politikberatung (Germany); Lunaria (Italy) and the University of Prague (Czech Republic).