SHINE 2Europe attended the 1st Workshop of C.O.P.E. – Training and Capacity building

Workshop 1 of the training for link workers and stakeholders of the C.O.P.E. project was divided into two sessions, both implemented by Politecnico di Milano. In these two days, Dr Daniela Sangiorgi, Associate Teacher in the Design Department, and Dr Isabel Farina, PhD student at the Department of Management Engineer, worked with the link workers on the themes “Co-design approach for community-assets mapping” and “Social prescribing system co-design”.

Co-design is an approach that involves stakeholders and communities in the idealisation and development of services and solutions, considering users as “experts” of their own experience and therefore central to the design process.

Workshop 1– “Co-design approach for community-assets mapping”

The first session of Workshop 1 took place on May 25th. On this day and for 4 hours, the link workers and stakeholders were introduced to co-design approaches and how they can help and support understanding of NEET and community resource needs. These learnings were done through activities such as mapping local resources, understanding NEET profiles, and creating engagement scenarios.

Workshop 1 – social prescribing system co-design

On the second day of workshop 1, June 29th, Dr. Daniela Sangiorgi and Dr. Isabel Farina shared knowledge about co-design tools. The link workers and stakeholders continued to deepen their knowledge of the learning scans made on the first day, and shared their experiences with the interviews. In addition, they also carried out activities such as Role Plays that help identify problems and solutions.

COPE is a project funded by the European Commission through EaSI (EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation) and coordinated by Provincia Autonoma di Trento and has 6 other partners from 4 countries: Cooperazione Trentina, Coges Don Milani Group of Mestre, National School of Public Health, New University of Lisbon, SHINE 2Europe, University of East London and  European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development.