“SHAFE mapping on social innovation ecosystems” at the NET4Age-Friendly workshop

On April 27th, Miriam Cabrita, Project Manager in SHINE, participated in the workshop “Highlights from NET4Age-Friendly Special Issue: from assessments to digitally supported interventions”.
She presented the study “SHAFE mapping on social innovation ecosystems”, led by SHINE and with the collaboration of ISRAA, ECHAlliance Group (European Connected Health Alliance) and AFEdemy, age-friendly environments academy. The study shows an overview of the social ecosystems in Europe working on Smart Healthy-Age Friendly Environments.

Through quantitative and qualitative research, it was possible to see that the ecosystems are primarily shaped by universities and research centres; the voice of the private sector is underrepresented in the ecosystems; there is poor knowledge exchange between ecosystems; and citizens are mostly involved in the ecosystems in passive ways.

These identified gaps are the starting point of the SIRENE project, a Coordination and Support Action funded under the Horizon Europe programme, that aims to support the growth of social innovation actors in eco-friendly and sustainable community-based services for the implementation of smart age-friendly environments in Europe.

To know more info and how you can get involved check https://sireneproject.eu/