SAVE – Seniors Adaptation to the Virtual Environment 

With the aim of creating conditions for the increase of older adults activity through art, creativity and culture and also to provide inspiration to people involved in their activation, the SAVE project will produce several results, namely a MOOC (e-learning) – tools and methods for creative work.

To this end, together with our partners from Manko (Poland), Eurokreator (Poland), AFEdemy (The Netherlands) and Zena (Croatia), material for the creation of the MOOC (e-learning) – tools and methods for creative work – has already been developed, through presentations on existing practices in the different countries and interviews with people who can serve as examples to inspire other older adults. 

Also for the development of this MOOC, SHINE conducted an interview with Graça Sousa, an artist, and spoke about her passions, how she promotes her work through social media and how art can be a means of activation.

The consortium intends to provide educational materials and good practices to increase the knowledge and awareness about the possibilities of activation and stimulation of the activity and furthermore, increase the knowledge and skills of educators by raising awareness of social and educational circles, with the organization of conferences and specialist dissemination seminars. 

We will continue our work until 2024!  

More news coming soon!

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