RadioVal project discussed with University of Porto students in ethical health session

In an engaging session held at the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Porto (FFUP), Natália Machado, Project Director at SHINE 2Europe, led a discussion on the topic of Ethics and Digital Health, highlighting the RadioVal project as an example of these topics to a group of students. The session aimed to explore the concept of ethics and its significance in ensuring person-centered care, particularly in the context of developing new technologies in the healthcare sector.

The session started with a comprehensive overview of the theoretical framework surrounding ethics, followed by a discussion on various models for guaranteeing person-centered care. The intention was to foster a paradigm shift in the mindset of the students when it comes to the development and implementation of novel healthcare technologies.

During the session, the focus was on the RadioVal project, which was presented to the students. A roundtable was organised to delve into the ethical challenges associated with the project. This segment provided an invaluable opportunity for the students to face first-hand the ethical dilemmas that arise in real-world healthcare projects and the delicate balance required between individual rights and collective interests.

The students were actively engaged in brainstorming potential solutions to overcome the barriers that may impede the successful implementation of the RadioVal system.

The collaboration between the FFUP students and SHINE 2Europe shed light on the complex ethical considerations surrounding digital health and highlighted the importance of incorporating an ethical framework into the development of innovative healthcare technologies.