SHINE chairs social innovation sessions of RadioVal

Last week, on the 14th and 15th March, SHINE 2Europe organised two online social innovation sessions to start the co-creation process of RadioVal with different stakeholders around Europe.
We gathered 36 people into these social innovation sessions to discuss the needs and challenges of this AI tool for breast cancer!
The two sessions started with a short introduction to the RadioVal project, including the objectives, facts and figures, and partners in the consortium. Then, Carina Dantas from SHINE also described the social innovation framework of RadioVal, including the outcomes of our activities so far, such as the stakeholder mapping, and the plans for the upcoming social innovation sessions, as well as the goals of each one of the rounds of debate.

The goal of these initial session was to identify the biggest challenges RadioVal needs to overcome for successful implementation. The participants were invited to bring forward and discuss the challenges of the implementation of RadioVal into clinical practice grouped under key words such as Trust, Privacy, and Bias.

Some key points to discuss in following sessions:

  • How to ensure that professionals and patients can trust this tool? The General Practitioner and the oncologist will be key actors to ensure trust and to do that they need to fully understand how RadioVal will work and how it will be integrated in their daily practice.
  • How will human oversight work? The healthcare professionals will always take the decisions. RadioVal just advises. But how is liability foreseen?
  • How will RadioVal be exploited? Will it be a standalone tool or integrated in other existing systems?

Exciting questions for the follow-up! Many more sessions will be happening locally and online and an open call for participants will be issued soon!