Racism is structural in Portugal, and SDD can help fight it. 

On March 17th, the Observatory of Racism and Xenophobia in Portugal was officially formalized, and in its inauguration, the coordinator defended that there is structural racism in Portugal and that it would even be strange that it did not exist, given the colonialist past of the country.  

Its mission will be the production, collection, processing and dissemination of information and knowledge on racism, xenophobia and discrimination in the various areas and sectors covered by the National Plan to Combat Racism and Discrimination 2021-2025 – Portugal against Racism. 

Think this is an important step to debate and implement measures to tackle this social problem. SHINE is one of the partners of the Erasmus+ project Smart for Democracy and Diversity, which aims to raise awareness about discrimination and hate speech, so we are very enthusiastic about the next steps of the Observatory. 

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