NET4AgeFriendly | Oct 2020 – Oct 2024 | COST Action | 38 countries (~215 researchers) | link
Aims at the establishment of local or regional ecosystems in each COST country involved, to work on health and well-being in an age-friendly digital world. The ecosystems will consist of citizens, public authorities, businesses/NGOs and researchers. They will be supported by four thematic Working Groups (User-centred inclusive design; Integrated health and well-being pathways; Digital solutions and large-scale sustainable implementation; Policy development, funding and cost-benefit evaluations; and a 5th dedicated Working Group to create a Reference Framework. Carina Dantas is the CHAIR of the Action.

DESIRE – Design for all methods to create age-friendly housing| Dec/2020 - Nov/2022 | Erasmus+ | 5 partners | link
Intends to develop an innovative training course to adapt or design age-friendly housing as an effective and competitive approach to respond to European demographic change through skilled workers and to boost the habitat sector. SHINE will lead the intellectual output Comparative Analysis Report on the current situation of Design for All.

Smart for Democracy and Diversity | Dec/2020 - Jul/2023 | Erasmus+ | 6 partners | link
it aims at Digital Education Concepts for Diversity and Democratic Participation, by promoting shared values, equality, social inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination through a digital learning approach. SHINE will be mainly responsible for the research and policy contributions for Portugal and also for developing the gaming training tool predicted in the project.

BIG – Educational game: Building Inclusive Environments for All Generations| Nov/2020 - Dec/2022 | Erasmus+ | 5 partners
Intends to develop the BIG game, to raise awareness and to transfer knowledge about appropriate measures and actions to create environments that are healthy and built in an age-friendly way, also by making use of ICT solutions. SHINE will mainly aim to develop the game, contributing also to the trainer manual.

The response of civil society organisations to face the covid-19 pandemic and the consequent restrictive measures adopted in Europe| 2020 | 2 partners | link
Study awarded by the European Economic Social Committee. SHINE is developing and implementing a survey to European CSOs, treating the data to make a catalogue, an evaluation report and an impact analysis, and further on a report on policy recommendations.

Expert contract for CEN/CENELEC (with Uninfo) to build and validate the European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession. The project is planned to work in close cooperation and complementarity with other CEN/TC 428 projects. It aims at long-term strengthening of the ICT Profession in Europe giving attention to all stakeholder perspectives and needs that are influenced by ICT Professionalism, including ICT business requirements, market trends and overall digitization of industry.

Expert contract as Team Leader for the AAL Programme for the development of the Guidelines on Ethics, data security and privacy. These guidelines address the AAL Framework of Excellence, including legal compliance and the ethical dialogue, together with some practical cases and use cases and can support the successful adoption and use of ICT solutions by integrating an ethical and basic legal perspective right from the development stage of products and services.

Contract as E-communications managers for the ETUC project on “UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration”, that aims at exchanging and transferring knowledge, experiences and (best) practices on integration between 9 UnionMigrantNet (UMN) members and 8 local authorities from five EU countries, namely Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Slovenia.