Nurses and caregivers support SHINE 2Europe in the STEP_UP game development

During the month of July, SHINE 2Europe consulted nurses and formal caregivers to devise scenes of a game that will teach how to fight a pandemic.

Participants were brought together in two workshops and, with the help of a SHINE facilitator, made their contributions to the STEP_UP project | Stop Epidemic Growth Through Learning. This project aims to develop a training tool for the social sector and community stakeholders, teaching the best ways to prevent and deal with pandemic situations, through an educational game.

In recent years, gamification has been shown to improve learning skills, particularly for young people and people with low qualifications. The game will be aimed at professionals in the social sector, but it can also be used by any citizen and will be an important tool in adult education.

The nurses and formal caregivers were presented with several game scenes that they highlightes because they were similar to their real experiences fighting the pandemic for the last year and a half. Measures range from the closure of Residential Structures for older adults to external visitors, user testing every week or the latest vaccination campaigns. As solutions, it is proposed to the player to choose between right and wrong actions, creation of campaigns to raise materials to promote virtual visits of users or even the acquisition of vaccines and starting of the vaccination process in the game. The aim of these mini-games is for the public to understand how they can distinguish fake news from true information, also helping to understand the importance of government measures.

STEP_UP is a European Erasmus+ project coordinated by SHINE 2Europe and constituted by AFEdemy from the Netherlands, ISIS from Germany, Wise Angle from Spain and CIPH from Croatia.

SHINE 2Europe is a Portuguese SME from the Centro region, which aims to promote inclusive communities for all citizens, through the provision of research services and support to the implementation of technological, healthy and inclusive solutions, with a clear vision of promoting social growth and inclusion through the sharing of good practices in essential areas for society, such as equality and inclusion, ethical behaviour and environmental responsibility.