Newsletter of the GreenerAge project is out

SHINE 2Europe is a partner of GreenerAge, an Erasmus+ Project that commenced its journey in December 2021. As we approach the final months of this inspiring initiative, we are excited to share the latest developments in our newsletter.

Within this edition, you will find comprehensive updates on the platform’s development, the compendium, trainer manual, and policy recommendations.

One of the highlights of this newsletter is the in-depth insights provided by the national reports. These reports shed light on the environmental literacy, habits, and behaviours within the 55+ target group in each partner’s country.

Moreover, we invite you to explore the best practices shared by citizens from Portugal and The Netherlands through our social media channels.

GreenerAge recognizes the invaluable assets of 55+ people – their time, maturity, and wealth of experience. It is dedicated to empowering and mobilizing them to play an active role in making a lasting impact on our environment.

See the newsletter here