Carina Dantas is co-author in the book “Caregiver’s Manual – Active and Healthy Ageing”

Carina Dantas has a chapter published in the Caregiver’s Manual – Active and Healthy Ageing. The Press Book of the University of Coimbra has the participation of several authors, experts…

COVID-19: Carina Dantas will be a speaker in the European Commission webinar

Carina Dantas will participate as speaker in the webinar “COVID-19: European Coordinated Response to the pandemic” – Covid-19: European Coordinated Response to the pandemic, promoted by the EU Health Policy…

SHINE’s CEO leads expert team on Ethics for AAL

SHINE’s CEO, Carina Dantas, led the team of experts who worked with the AAL Program (Ambient Assisted Living) in publishing a guide in the areas of Ethics, Privacy and Data…

SHINE delivers a study for the European Economic Social Committee

HINE 2Europe and Wise Angle were comissioned by The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to develop the study The response of civil society organisations to the Covid-19 pandemic and…

Findings from relevant EU projects

VIRT-EU research found that developers engage with social values from positions like the Idealist, Pragmatist and Disengaged, which indicate how they […]

State of Health in the EU

The State of Health in the EU aims at making health system information, expertise and best practices easily accessible to policymakers and […]

Transforming the Future of Ageing

The Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) has issued on June 2019 a new report ‘Transforming the future of ageing’ compiling the latest […]

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