NewEcoSmart Project: Empowering Rural Areas Through Green and Digital Transition

On August 30th, the consortium of NewEcoSmart were together for a Meet&Greet meeting before the officially kick-off, on Bruxels on October 10th.

The NewEcoSmart project is led by CETEM (Spain), and aims to revitalize rural regions in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. This initiative focuses on capacity building and training to promote a sustainable green and digital transition.

NewEcoSmart is a pioneering initiative to revive rural areas and empower adults 45+, SMEs and micro firms through social innovation, towards the green and digital transition. The project will equip the target group with the necessary skills to excel in their current job roles, while also assisting them in exploring new prospects within the Habitat-related sectors. Moreover, NewEcoSmart places a strong emphasis on cultivating social entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, fostering the adoption of circular economy practices and socially responsible business approaches.

This project aligns with the European Pillar of Social Rights, concentrating on principles 1, 4, 5, 8, and 20. It seeks to raise awareness and acceptance of green and digital changes, thus improving employability and infrastructure, resulting in safer, cost-effective, and healthier solutions.

Funded by the Horizon Europe programme through the European Social Fund (ESF+), NewEcoSmart will collaborate closely with local communities and partners to create a sustainable future through social innovation.

For updates and more information, visit NewEcoSmart website.