New article was launched! 

At the end of the year, SHINE 2Europe got a present, seeing the Conference article “Smart against ageism: an overview of age discrimination in Portugal” published on the Special Issue of the Hungarian Gerontology Scientific Journal! 

“Negative  stereotypes,  prejudices  and  discrimination  on  the  ground  of  age,  known  as “ageism” have been shown to cause cardiovascular stress, lowered levels of self-efficacy and  decreased  productivity[1].  Across  the  EU,  policies  and  practices  still  reflect  ageist prejudices and deprioritise, disregard, or even exclude older adults in different ways.Within  the  scope  of  the  SAA  project  (Smart  Against  Ageism)[2]a  short  study  was developed on the idea of discrimination concerning age within the scope of Portuguese society,  with  the  main  aims  of  reflecting  on  public  policies  and  legislation;  identifying good practices and possible responses to ageism; describing the many organisations at the national, regional, and local levels that are working against stereotypes with the aim to create more inclusive environments which are suited to all generations”. 

This work was developed by Carina Dantas, Juliana Louceiro and Natália Machado, under the project SAA (
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