SHAFE Foundation –Smart, Healthy Age-Friendly Environments
A new concept was created since 2017, based on the desire to implement Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) across Europe, fostering happier and healthier people in all communities. This idea took shape and became a solid movement.
SHAFE began as a Thematic Network, approved by the European Commission, to draw policy makers, organisations and citizens’ attention to the need of better alignment between health, social care, built environments and ICT, both in policy and funding and delivered a and a in December 2018 to the European Commission and Member States.

After this, SHAFE evolved to a European Stakeholders Network, with over 170 partner organisations, and more recently to a Foundation, with Carina Dantas and Willeke van Staalduinen as Directors. It is working to achieve better COOPERATION and IMPLEMENTATION, as an opportunity for the digital revolution to be well thought and implemented, if all the adequate challenges are well considered and tackled.

SHAFE Foundation website