NET4Age-Friendly Management Committee Meeting

In the first week of October, in Capri, the NET4Age-Friendly Management Committee Meeting occurred.

The chair and vice-chair of NET4Age-Friendly Carina Dantas and Willeke Van Staalduinen wish to make public a huge thank you to all involved in the Capri/Naples MC Meeting last week.
First, a huge appreciation and congratulations to the local organisers Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II Faculdade UNINA with a special word to Maddalena Illario and Lorenzo Mercurio – THANK YOU for the great organisation work, for making us all feel super welcome, for the wonderful venue of the Naples side event, for leading us to Capri, for the food 😊 well, the list is long!

One other special appreciation to our NET4Age-Friendly Core Group that supported the preparation of the WG sessions and all works.
And a specific thanks to all of those who participated!
If you are in the group of the ones that could go to Naples and Capri, then you know this was a great trip and meeting and that we had a great time and super profitable work. Glad you could go!
If you only joined online, well, you lost some of the best parts (in loco) but you still joined, so we really appreciate your commitment to the Action!
Looking forward for continuing our work together!