NET4Age-Friendly at the Conference Sustainable Places 2020

Carina Dantas participated on October 30th in the workshop “Sustainable Housing Supporting Health and Well-being”, on the 4th day of the digital conference “Sustainable Places 2020”.

This workshop brought together a set of initiatives supported by the European Union (EU), which are drawing up innovative solutions to support the development and investment in sustainable housing, thus, enhancing the health and well-being of EU’s citizens.

Project representatives presented their research and jointly discussed and evaluated the potential challenges they face.

Carina Dantas presented “Smart, Healthy and Age-Friendly Environments – Policies and Implementation” and how the SHAFE concept has been implemented in the Portuguese pilot of Pharaon, as well as its connection to the Action NET4Age-Friendly.

The concept was created in 2017, fuelled by the desire to implement Smart, Healthy and Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) across Europe, by promoting the link between health, social support, information technologies (ICT) and built environments. In 2020, this Stakeholder Network released a Position Paper with recommendations on healthier, accessible and sustainable environments for all with the support of ICT. A Portuguese Smart, Healthy and Age-Friendly Environments Network (SHAFE) was also created and it currently involves more than 70 member organizations.

Silvia Urra (TECNALIA) chaired the Conference, departing from the experience of the Homes4Life project, of which she is Coordinator and Carina Dantas is a member of the Advisory Board. Homes4Life is a European Commission’Coordination and Support Action that aims to create a certification system for smart homes. On the panel there were also the introduction and final presentations by Irina Kalderon-Libal, Policy Officer of DG CNECT – European Commission. Filippo Cavallo and Charalampos Vassiliou got deeper into the projects they coordinate, Pharaon and Smartwork, respectively.