Multiplier event of the BIG project

The multiplier event of the European Educational game: Building Inclusive Environments for All Generations – BIG game project will be held on 9 November 2022, in a face-to-face and hybrid format, at the Nursing School of Coimbra. 

BIG is an Erasmus + project that promotes social inclusion for all, which began in November 2020 and is now ending. The project aims to raise awareness, raise consciousness and transfer knowledge about measures and actions that can be applied to create healthier, smarter and more inclusive environments for all ages. 

The event will focus on discussing and sharing the results achieved in the project’s outputs: 

  • Online educational game 
  • Workshop methodology and trainer’s manual. 

The project will be presented in the morning session by Willeke van Staalduinen from AFEdemy, the coordinating organisation of the project, where a presentation on the process, methods and results will be given. 

In the practical session in the afternoon, led by AFEdemy and the Portuguese partner, SHINE 2Europe, will use an active methodology, dedicated to how the online game works, with access to content first hand, so participants can learn and experience the practical exercises. 

We intend that a wide community can benefit from this action. Therefore, the event will be inserted in a wide program Conference, dedicated to social innovation, learning and implementation and will count with hundreds of national and international participants interested in these themes, so we invite you to participate in all the other sessions that you consider relevant. 

Register (free of charge) HERE