Tatjana Turukalo
University of Novi Sad

Dr Tatjana Lončar-Turukalo is a full professor at Department of Power, Electronics and Telecommunications, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. At the same institution she obtained her PhD degree in 2011 in the field of Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications and Signal Processing). 

Her research interests cover the areas of signal processing and machine learning applied (but not restricted) to medicine, biology and healthcare (Internet of Things/ wearables/ connected health/ early diagnostic tools). 

Dr Loncar-Turukalo serves as a reviewer for many international journals and conferences. She has co-authored over 100 publications at peer-reviewed journals and international conferences, and has been involved in 6 national and 9 European projects. She is a member of IEEE, IEEE Women in Engineering, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. At Faculty of Technical Sciences, she is a member of two research centres: CEVAS - The Centre of Excellence for Vibro-Acoustic Systems and Signal Processing, and iCONIC - Centre for Intelligent COmmunications, Networking and Information processing (Large Scale Information Processing Group).