Stella Startsara
Silver Economy Expert

Working since 27 years to establish effective healthcare systems coping with the Ageing and Demographic problem and Patient Mobility, specializing in Integrated Long Term and HealthCare planning, Wellbeing Consulting, Gerontology and at EU Cross Border Healthcare coordination and healthcare deliveryunder the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive (CBHD) 24/2011/EC Directive. 

Extensive experience in working as development adviser for public administrations, PPP, Governments and the non-governmental sector in more than 40 EU and non EU countries.  

In relation to the Silver Economy, I have been working as sustainable development planner at regional level since 2000 and I expertise in developing Territorial Marketing revealing, activating and promoting local health and care resources for Senior Tourism and Integrated Care in rural areas. 

I have led multinational teams of experts in multifaceted programs of Regional Development encompassing many sectors e.g. tourism, environment, healthcare sector, local development, rural development, asset based place branding etc, with emphasis in the last 12 years in Integrated Care, Long Term Care, Silver Economy and Active and Healthy Ageing as part of national policies and strategies in EU. 

Since 8 years I am running an Action Research on Teal Management organisations, Innovative Financing and Prevention at Community Care level: