Maddalena Illario
Reference Site Collaborative Network

Dr. Maddalena Illario MD, PhD, endocrinologist, Associate Professor at Federico II Department of Public Health, and Coordinator of the R&D Unit of Federico II Hospital. She is currently chair of the European Reference Site Collaborative Network.

From December 2016 to July 2020 coordinator of Campania Region Division for Health Innovation.

She has been involved in more than ten projects focusing on the digital transformation of health and care, including mHealth Hub, Vigour and HS-Monitor. She is currently national referent for the Cost Action CA19136 - International Interdisciplinary Network on Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments, where she also serves as scientific communication manager.

Since May 2015 she has been coordinator of A3 of the Action Group on Prevention of Frailty and Functional Decline of the European Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging, also serving as a Promoter for the group. Since 2013 she has been coordinating Campania Reference Site for lifecourse Active and Healthy Ageing, awarded 4 stars in 2022.