Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) strive to overcome fragmentation and critical gaps that threaten the quality of life of the most vulnerable. SHAFE aims to keep societal priorities at the top of the political agenda, by empowering ecosystems to promote independent living, green behaviours and inclusive practices, connecting all stakeholders to build sustainable and participatory environments. 

In this Conference we will dive into social innovation methods that help people to stay engaged in work and social activity, network online and have skills and means to access information and services. This is a key aspect of the digital transformation of health and care – empower people and provide them the tools to self-management and pursuit of a more active and healthy living.

We will also discuss climate and environmental resilience, building environments and cities that are accessible, sustainable and fit to all ages. Inclusivity also stands for combating discrimination and promoting a society that accepts and embraces diversity and lives to support those that are more vulnerable. And the circle is only complete when the economy grows and it healthy, so bringing innovation to market will close the discussion.