Alexin Zoltán
University of Szeged

Zoltan Alexin graduated as a mathematician MSc. at the University of Szeged in 1985. He is working as a senior lecturer at the Department of Software Engineering at University of Szeged in Hungary. Since 2004 he began studying personal data protection problems, medical privacy, and ethics of medical research. He authored many publications that were criticizing the one-sided medical legislation and demanded more privacy for patients. He challenged couple of laws before the Constitutional Court and filed medical data protection cases to civil courts as well.

In 2021-2022 ha was a data protection and ethics expert in the MediConSec Hungarian project on application of runtime location service in medical institutions funded by the Hungarian Ministry of Finance, grant no: PM/20322-10/2020. Since 2020 he is a researcher and MC (Management Committee) member in the COST Action 19121 “Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living” and WG2 leader and MC member in the COST Action 19136 “International Interdisciplinary Network on Healthy and Age-Friendly Digital Environment” projects.