GreenerAge’s results official release! 

SHINE 2Europe is pleased to announce that GreenerAge’s project results have been released! These results include the compendium, trainer manual, policy booklet and GreenerAge Land, an interactive e-learning platform. Designing them was SHINE’s main role, as well as interviewing relevant stakeholders and citizens aged 55 and above, to achieve these results in collaboration with five other partner countries. 

GreenerAge’s focus is to enhance citizens 55 years old and above’s skills and competences, while providing them with the necessary tools to learn about climate change literacy and the five identified main sustainable areas: sustainable transportation and mobility, sustainable water consumption, recycling behaviours and knowledge, sustainable energy consumption and sustainable food consumption. The compendium aims to provide accessible information about these areas, while suggesting many tips on how older citizens can incorporate these actions into their lives! 

On the other hand, the trainer manual provides guidelines for facilitators in preparing a workshop regarding these areas. It considers multiple aspects, like the suggested curriculum, equipment, sessions, activities, and even provides a tool kit with multiple materials, namely case studies and PowerPoint presentations. 

The policy booklet’s objective is not only to drive stakeholders and policymakers to rethink their policies for climate change, but also to recommend how they can include older citizens in this process, approaching their motivations, engagement, and comportment. 

Last, but not least, SHINE leaded the digital climate change literacy platform, launched in Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Polish, and Portuguese, with the great collaboration of all partners! GreenerAge Land is an accessible gamification platform, where older citizens can learn and explore our main contents regarding climate change literacy and sustainable behaviours. 

All these results are fully accessible here: