Entrepreneurs 50+ Interview to Brian O’Connor

Innovation, entrepreneurship and success are not an exclusive territory of the younger generations.

At SHINE 2Europe we want to learn from those that start new businesses at any age, take adventures in new projects or do life changes at their mature years.

Want to change your life and pursue your dreams? It is never too late to do what we were made for, as our entrepreneurs 50+ so well display.

We bring new stories every time – and this is an inspiring one!

Brian O’Connor was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but he is a globetrotter and worked in the UK, US and Hong Kong. He enjoys taking on what are described as “hopeless cases” and proving the doubters wrong. Around ten years ago, he created, with others, the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), as a collaborative way of breaking down silos that hold back innovation and better healthcare for citizens.

Carina Dantas had the pleasure of a long conversation where Brian told his life story and proved that energy still sparks, even after 75!

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