DigitalScouts National Reports Available for Consultation! 

During the first 8 months of DigitalScouts, an Erasmus+ Project where SHINE 2Europe is a partner, all partners researched the digital participation of people 60+, including readiness, support structures, professionalization of supporters and examples of opportunities in each country.  

The primary objective of this research is two-fold: firstly, to develop a European Compendium that highlights practical examples of how seniors can utilize digital tools to improve their health, engage in cultural activities, participate in political matters, and stay socially connected. Secondly, the aim is to design specialized digital training programs that are precisely tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of older generations. 

Interesting findings can be found from: Portugal, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Romania.  

DigitalScouts focuses on training individuals who are interested in helping older adults effectively use digital tools. The goal is to enable these individuals to assist older citizens in various important aspects of life, such as social interactions, cultural engagement, political involvement, and health promotion.

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