DESIRE multiplier event hosts 91 national and international participants 

The multiplier event of the Erasmus+ project DESIRE | DESIgn for all methods to cREate age-friendly housingtook place on February 8th in Coimbra, along with the International Conference LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTING SOCIAL INNOVATION. 

This was a super successful multiplier event that counted with 91 participants, 52 of which international and 39 Portuguese, plus 6 consortium members. 

It was organised by SHINE 2Europe and had the privilege to count also with the participation of the project partner CETEM (Spain).  

During the morning we presented the project, explaining how it was implemented, what process was followed by the partners to build the Transnational Guide on skills gaps in Design for All (D4All), the curriculum and the online learning platform. In this session, we showcased the main outcomes and discussed the approach with participants, that outlined the relevance of expanding the topic of D4All beyond older adults and use it for all citizens, which is interesting for future works and exploitation. 

During the afternoon, in the practical session, hosted by Maria Melero (CETEM), Carina Dantas and Juliana Louceiro (SHINE), participants had the opportunity to test the platform, make suggestions for improvement and give feedback. 

The participants pointed out the importance of this project, and the need to invest in a long-term sustainability strategy, for which it is necessary to promote the further involvement of stakeholders and policy makers that can implement the results on a larger scale. They also referred interest to use the training modules in their own countries and plans to explore resources that allow for future translations to other languages besides the consortium ones will be considered. The learning platform will be improved according to the relevant feedback from the participants to enhance its usability and engagement potential. 

DESIRE is a project involving five organisations from 4 European countries: Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and Slovenia. This project aims to provide professionals in the construction and home furnishing sector with the necessary tools and skills to apply D4All methods as a solution for the well-being, comfort and autonomy of older or dependent adults at home.